I’m working on a new app, here’s what I have so far. Feel free to jump in with ideas, suggestions, or questions.

  • Giving you a place to curate your own lists of recommended places.
  • On launch, Cerca will re-sort your list by distance, placing the closest locations at the top of your list.
  • You have the option to refine your index view, possibly by categories or lists.

Findings from User Interviews

Initial interviews showed that people tend to group lists by cities…


Mechanism verse Outcome

Do we provide discovery or innovation? One feels like the actual thing required to do good work, and the other a result. Are we the result of our work, or are we the work itself?

Data-Driven Design

Can we focus on small, testable components? Maybe instead of it being MVP (minimum viable product), it should be MVE — minimum viable experiment. Always define what the…

The kindest cut: my journey into the nether regions of male birth control

Transitional Interfaces

Why Banksy Is (Probably) a Woman

Arvin Dang

Interaction Designer working in Chicago.

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