There’s a misconception that mobile first means building the mobile app (iOS/Android) first. Mobile first is about prioritizing the mobile web experience for your product or service. Let me explain…

Your beautifully styled web application is responsive so the design flows well from desktop sized browsers down to mobile sized browsers. To make your app look great on a mobile screen, you simplify the look by removing unnecessary elements. There’s less structure, less styling, less of everything to provide your users with a great mobile experience.


Since your phone is generally on a slower connection and performing with less power…

I’m working on a new app, here’s what I have so far. Feel free to jump in with ideas, suggestions, or questions.

Cerca is a mobile app to help manage lists of places you’d like to go, or have been and love. The goal of the application is to make the decision process on deciding where to eat, or drink a lot easier.

Cerca helps by:

  • Giving you a place to curate your own lists of recommended places.
  • On launch, Cerca will re-sort your list by distance, placing the closest locations at the top of your list.
  • You have the option to refine your index view, possibly by categories or lists.

Findings from User Interviews

Initial interviews showed that people tend to group lists by cities…

Here’s a quick exploration into how a full-fledged keyboard might work with the new Apple Watch. It’s based on a smart sensing canvas, a few simple interactions, and hand writing recognition — no small feat I know.


Based on what you write, the output shows what is being rendered. As you write more, it scrolls left. You can scrub left or right at anytime to view the complete sentence.

The touch canvas is where handwriting, punctuation and editing happens.

Sometimes being surrounded by folks like me is beneficial with practical work stuff. I can ask questions. Hire them to help. Other times, it’s more about empathy. If I’m bitching about something that’s really specific to my kind of work, it’s nice to be around someone who can relate. That’s the benefit of a shared studio space and being in New York.

-Frank Chimero (

I like co-working spaces — but not for working. I’m too easily distracted by them. …

Shouldn’t the content you care about come first? Right now you’re navigating through a DVR menu, or through apps like Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go to get to the content you want immediatley.

Instead, swap the order. Put your content first, and your applications second. Like RSS, your home screen becomes a queue from across multiple sources.

Have Game of Thrones from HBO GO, sit right next to House of Cards on Netflix. Exchange the order if one matters more to you than the other. Get a badge notification when a new episode appears. …

As we build a new interaction and experience design firm, I’ve begun to re-evalutate my own design processes and principles.

Here’s what I stand for as a designer, and the questions I have yet to answer …

Mechanism verse Outcome

Do we provide discovery or innovation? One feels like the actual thing required to do good work, and the other a result. Are we the result of our work, or are we the work itself?

Data-Driven Design

Can we focus on small, testable components? Maybe instead of it being MVP (minimum viable product), it should be MVE — minimum viable experiment. Always define what the…

Since leaving Starter League just before Summer, I’ve worked with teams in multiple capacities, from UX/Interaction to production front-end.

Working with such a variety of domains has helped shape my process when approaching new clients and new projects. I’ve realized where my skills best fit and where I find the most pleasure when working on something difficult or challenging.

My hardest lessons have been scoping well, and marketing myself. Though, I’ve learned well. Transitioning into independent contract proved easier than I expected too, thanks in huge part to clients flowing immediately out of Techstars.

The projects I’ve been involved with…

A collection of stories and articles I came across this past week.

The kindest cut: my journey into the nether regions of male birth control

Given the massive market for contraception, why is there no medicine for men equivalent to the birth control pill for women? It seems like married men with means would be happy to pay a monthly fee for some kind of contraceptive drug.

Transitional Interfaces

It seems crazy to me that more people don’t think about interfaces with respect to the dimension of time. Motion can provide so much information!

Background via:

Why Banksy Is (Probably) a Woman

“Since there is so much misdirection and jamming of societal norms with Banksy’s work, as well as the…

I will never look at joining a new team the same way again.

Starter League’s culture, when I first joined, was very much a meme culture. We used animated GIFs a lot to really express how we felt about things. And that was really big for me. It was the first time I’d been part of a team that communicated so differently. It’s also one huge benefit to having real-time communication thanks to tools like Campfire and Slack.

On a deeper level, it set the mood early for the company, and how we ultimatley interacted with one another. Now that…

Arvin Dang

Interaction Designer working in Chicago.

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