A Better Interface for TV

Arvin Dang
1 min readMar 2, 2015

Shouldn’t the content you care about come first? Right now you’re navigating through a DVR menu, or through apps like Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go to get to the content you want immediatley.

Instead, swap the order. Put your content first, and your applications second. Like RSS, your home screen becomes a queue from across multiple sources.

Have Game of Thrones from HBO GO, sit right next to House of Cards on Netflix. Exchange the order if one matters more to you than the other. Get a badge notification when a new episode appears. Receive global recommendations, not siloed by their parent application — but now smarter recommendations pulling from all your authenticated applications.

Open your home screen to the possibility of having indie content live beside network produced content. Begin thinking of shows like mobile applications — each made up of their own ecosystem of sub-content, features, or whatever else you can think up.

And by putting content first, you have much less to navigate through, all while providing greater clarity around the content you care most about. Win wins in my book.