• Melissa Thompson

    Melissa Thompson

    CEO | TalkSession | Healthcare Tech Innovator | Mental Health Advocate | Journalist | Quantified Self Enthusiast | http://t.co/3CBKx9R4Bk | Word Nerd

  • ana kova

    ana kova

    designer of virtual tools. visual storyteller. work-in-progress.

  • Mike King

    Mike King

    It's our mission to bring each of our customers quality pieces of furniture that have been built by the Amish in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

  • Andrew Wicklander

    Andrew Wicklander

    Founder of Ideal Project Group & Tula Software

  • Randy Murray

    Randy Murray

    Author of Writing Assignments, Publisher of First Today, Then Tomorrow. Writer and Marketing Consultant

  • Adam Senese

    Adam Senese

    Product designer & developer, Currently @Techstars

  • Greg Heist

    Greg Heist

    Chief Innovation Officer at Gongos w/ a passion for shaping the Decision Intelligence space. Dad to 3 little ones. Co-host of @TheFutureSTIR Podcast.

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