Weekend Reads

A collection of stories and articles I came across this past week.

Given the massive market for contraception, why is there no medicine for men equivalent to the birth control pill for women? It seems like married men with means would be happy to pay a monthly fee for some kind of contraceptive drug.

It seems crazy to me that more people don’t think about interfaces with respect to the dimension of time. Motion can provide so much information!

Background via: http://snarkies.tumblr.com/page/23

“Since there is so much misdirection and jamming of societal norms with Banksy’s work, as well as the oft-repeated claim no one notices Banksy, then it makes sense,” Healey tells me. “No one can find Banksy because they are looking for, or rather assuming, a man is Banksy.”



Interaction Designer working in Chicago.

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